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The Route

In May 2011, it was suggested that we should drive a London Bus half way around the world as a group of friends.

At first we said... "No" but we are simply not satisfied until they've tried everything to succeed - even if initially the idea sounds ludicrous! So research into the feasibility of driving to Japan began.

By August that year, on the evidence produced, we decided to undertake the challenge. A crazy adventure which would see 8 friends covering over 11,000 miles of decrepit roads; lined with some of the most diverse cultures in the world. All of this in the name of adventure and charity, and just in case the journey wasn't enough of a challenge we will be travelling in possibly the most unsuitable vehicle imaginable.

Designed for the streets of London, and never meant to be more than 30 miles from a depot, we will be driving a 10 metre long, 4.4 meter tall, red London ‘Routemaster’ Bus.

The epic journey departing in 2017 will see the Bus travel through 23 countries in 3 months. Starting in London and heading down through the Alps and into Eastern Europe. Changing continents at Istanbul before going into the Middle east and up to toward Russia.

Then taking the bus  will be taken into China and up to bustling city of Beijing before finishing in Tokyo, Japan. The largest metropolitan area in the world, where culture, tradition and the modern world collide!